The Art department at Les Quennevais has long been established as a beacon of excellence within the school. The exam results for the past ten years or more have surpassed the very best schools in England with countless students achieving the top grade at GCSE.

We believe this is down to the learning focused approach to project design. Students learn the very essence of what it means to think, act and learn like an artist and produce work, which is not rushed or whimsical, but work which addresses the skills needed to produce valuable creative work on a much deeper level.

Students at Key stage 3 are always using the Art rooms at lunchtimes and we are always around after school for older students to receive extra tuition.

We have two, well equipped Art rooms, in which we focus primarily on Fine Art, with many students working on large scale, beautiful paintings.

Each child receives a sketchbook in Year 7 and will use this to record learning throughout their time at Les Quennevais.

Homework is generally not set every week. We do however provide students with several 'big homework' tasks, which focus on their independent learning skills. Many students thrive under these more complex challenges and give students a good understanding of the high level of thinking and deeper approach needed at GCSE.

Students are continually given a high level of quality verbal feedback to help students understand how to improve and we are developing a critique culture to help students understand how to improve from their peers.

As a department, we are constantly striving to give our students the very best education in Art we can, employing new ideas to further improve the outcomes of our students, year on year.