Certificate in Employability Skills (Entry Level and Level 1)

Aims of the course...

• To develop an understanding of the structure and organisation of workplace environments

• To develop an understanding of employer and employee rights and responsibilities in the workplace

• To encourage the development of the skills needed to work autonomously in the workplace

• To encourage the development of the interpersonal skills needed for effective communication in the workplace

There are 5 units for this qualification. It requires candidates to undertake work- based tasks. Work experience is not required for Units 1,2,3 and 5 within the Employability Skills certificates, however, candidates may use their work experience placement as the basis for their work. Unit 1 (learning from interviews) should be completed prior to the work placement.

How long will the placement last for?

Work placements start in September and run until April during Yr11. From there the students will come back to school and complete the evidence booklet based on what they have found out whilst on placement, for example, Job roles and organisational chart. The Vocational Co-ordinator will support the students in the work placements and give advice on where tasks undertaken fit into the units of work.

How are the students prepared for this work placement?

During Year 10 the students will work in small groups on two different projects. These projects work on skills and understanding that they will need for their work placements in Year 11. The projects will either be 'Q' gardens and 'residential project' or 'On 2 Wheels and 'residential project'. As a result of this preparatory work the students will also be awarded a bronze award after the first academic year.