We are an enthusiastic team of teachers who are excited by and enthusiastic about, the world of Information Technology. More importantly, we are all passionate about making sure that Les Quennevais pupils get the best ICT "experience" possible and we work hard to ensure that we offer a varied, challenging and creative curriculum to all our students. Our aim is to ensure that by the time they leave Les Quennevais School, all our students are confident, responsible, discerning and skilled users of ICT.

The Curriculum

In Keystage 3 students are taught ICT in years 7 and 9 with one lesson per week. We have an exciting and evolving curriculum that seeks to take advantage of the most up to date innovations and to tap into the enthusiasm for ICT that students have in their daily lives.

Students learn not just about how to use the most popular pieces of office and media software, but how to make a computer sing and dance to their tune. Topics include the basics of software creation and coding, problem solving using Mind Storm Robots, rock band promotion and management, alongside technician skills, such as replacing RAM and hard drives.

At Keystage 4 students are offered the opportunity to continue to study ICT aiming for a CiDA qualification (Certificate in Digital Applications). In this subject, students will study ICT applications in greater detail and as they progress, will be able to specialize in areas of expertise. This is a very hands on course looking carefully at the way that ICT applications are used in the world of work. Students will be examined throughout the course and this will lead to formal certification. Examination work is practical and is carried out through the construction of a sample website and coursework tasks in a range of ICT competencies. Students will all complete the task - Creating Web Products, before selecting two units from:

  • Creative Multi Media.
  • Artwork and Imaging.
  • Game Making.

Students will study ICT for 3 lessons per week over a two year course and will be examined in, "Creating Web Products", in Year 1.

This enjoyable course has replaced the DiDA qualification which has proven very popular in recent years and many students have progressed on to continue their studies in ICT at 16+.