Law is a two year course offered to students at GCSE.  The course focuses on court processes, the people in the law, how laws are made and how it is applied in everyday life. 

Law is vital to the smooth running of our lives. Without law there would be no system of order or method of preventing crime happening.  Studying law is taking a small step towards a better understanding of how and why we have to regulate society so much. 

Law is a challenging academic subject and it should encourage any learner who can look at a range of complex facts and weigh up arguments. It also helps to develop healthy debating skills. 

We visit the Magistrate's and the Royal Courts so students have firsthand experience of seeing the law in action.  The police and other legal professionals provide us with guest speakers for lessons. 

Law is assessed by two examinations at the end of Year 11.  A qualification in Law can open up a whole range of career choices.