Personal and Social Education (PSE) plays a vital role in the development of students at Les Quennevais School. Every student in the school will receive one PSE lesson each week, delivered by a committed and specialist team of teachers. The diverse topics and schemes of work that are delivered, ensure that student's gain experience and knowledge in a wide variety of areas that develop them socially, morally and physically.

Key messages and themes are reinforced throughout the lessons. These include communicating with others, empathising with other's needs, sharing opinions and valuing the opinions of other's, respect, generosity and support.

In Year 7, students will study topics entitled Getting to Know You, Building Friendships, Bullying and Assertiveness, Learning to Learn, Looking After Me, Puberty and Home and School.

PSE in Year 8 is partnered with Drama to deliver Citizenship, Family Life and Drugs Education.

In Year 9 students will experience First Aid, When I'm 25, Relationships, Drugs Education, Ups and Downs, The Environment and Rights.

PSE in Key Stage 4 still has a massive role to play in helping students prepare for life after Les Quennevais. Careers advice and information is given to all students to help them make informed decisions about their future, whether that be continuing in education, embarking on apprenticeships or commencing full-time employment.

Collapsed Curriculum Days and external visits are always well received by the students and are used by the department to reinforce the learning and understanding that has occurred in the classroom. These include:

  • Prison me No Way Day (Year 8)

  • Visit to Brook Clinic (Year 9)

  • Marketing task at the Christmas Fayre (Year 10)

  • Visits to Highlands College and Hautlieu (Year 11)

  • Too Much Punch for Judy (Year 11)

  • Road Safety Roadshow (Year 11)

We at Les Quennevais firmly believe that the quality of PSE provision is a contributing factor in the social development and maturity of our students and is something that we are rightly proud of.

Who is Who in PSE?

• Mr M.Fowler – Head of PSE
• Mr Heaven – Year 10 and 11 PSE
• Mrs Ashley – Year 9, 10 and 11 PSE
• Mr Pitman – Careers and Year 11 PSE
• Mr Letch – Year 7 PSE
• Mrs Rotherham – Year 7 PSE
• Mr Parkes – Year 7 and 9 PSE
• Mrs McAllister – Year 8 PSE
• Miss Milman – Year 8 PSE