At Les Quennevais School, Design and Technology is taught to all students at Key Stage 3. The work includes designing and making, graphics, problem solving, systems and technical communication. Students will study in these areas for 1 hour per week. In addition to the above all students study Food Technology for an additional I hour per week as part of our Design and Technology Curriculum.

GCSE Resistant Materials

This popular option gives students the opportunity to design and make products in a range of resistant materials including wood, metal and plastics. Students will study a context and design and make products for a particular purpose or market. As with Graphics, Resistant Materials gives students the opportunity to work with commercial type equipment in realistic design and make situations and the work will include some experience of computer design and manufacture. In GCSE Resistant Materials, many students make remarkable products using quality materials which result in some outstanding products of which we are justifiably proud.

Many students continue their design education at 16+. We like to think that this is the result of their inspiring introduction to Industrial and Commercial Design at Les Quennevais.