All students are expected to wear the school's uniform correctly.  The appearance of students is an important factor in maintaining and enhancing the school's excellent reputation, which is of benefit to all its members.  Some restrictions on how students may appear and what may be worn are necessary for health, safety and security reasons. Uniform items bearing the school logo are available from Redvers in St Helier and JSSK in the Les Quennevais precinct. To avoid any ambiguity we have stipulated the colour, manufacturers and styles which will be permitted to be worn.  Items without a logo may be sourced from any stockist.

Jacket : A Navy blue jacket with house colours manufactured by Ziggyz.

Trousers:  Boys charcoal grey trousers with pleated or flat front style manufactured by David Luke.

Girls trousers are navy blue with a low or high waist manufactured by Ziggyz. 

Skirt:  Navy blue pleated skirt available in 18 or 20 inch length manufactured by Ziggyz.

Shirt:  Plain white cotton shirts with either long or short sleeves.

Sweater:  V-neck, navy blue, plain knit with embroidered school logo.

Socks:  Plain white or navy ankle or knee-length socks.  Navy or 'natural' tights.

Shoes:  Plain black polished shoes slip on or lace up.  On health and safety grounds it is necessary to insist that heels should not be more than 5cm (2").  Sling back, canvas or cotton shoes must not be worn.  Training shoes of any sort or colour are not permitted as part of the uniform except in P.E. and Drama lessons.

Tie:  A school tie, which is only available from the school, must be worn.

During the summer months a white polo shirt with the school logo may be worn. The Headteacher will determine the dates on which the summer dress code begins and ends.

NB.  The Headteacher reserves the right to determine the suitability of any item of clothing or footwear.