The House System plays an integral part in the school community at Les Quennevais. Students remain in their Houses for the 5 years they are in the school, participating in a wide range of activities, challenges and competitions designed to foster a sense of belonging, commitment, pride and team spirit.

The Houses System is led by Assistant Headteacher – Operations and the Heads of House.

McKeon - S Milman
Tranter - R Lindsay
Watts - T Pritchard

Each house comes together weekly in House Assemblies and each Tutor groups letters correspond to a House, and it is as follows.

House Tutor Groups Assembly Day

Tranter (E,N,C) - Tuesday
McKeon (S,V,T) - Wednesday
Watts (L,Q,Y) - Thursday

Heads of House meet weekly with Form Representatives to discuss a wide range of issues, from Charity weeks to teaching and learning, and forms an integral part of the student voice within the school.