how to support your child using doddle

Parents can see Red/Amber/Green statements via the parent portal. This gives you frequent updated information on your child's progress throughout the school year. In general, students who are green are secure in that curriculum area. Amber means their knowledge is developing and not yet secure and if an area is red, a student is insecure in their understanding. Doddle provides a variety of presentations, resources and most importantly on-line tests and quizzes which provide useful opportunities for students to have further opportunities to learn and retain knowledge. 

If you would like to help your child improve their attainment in a particular area, you will need your child to log in to their student account and then do one of two things:

1. Navigate to the subject in question- Science for example and then click the ‘Browse’ tab. Search this area for resources that are linked to the statement- for example- cells.

2.Where possible, Doddle has linked the statement codes to the resource bank. The statement code appears at the start of the statement, for example in science: 

C14 I can compare and contrast animal and plant cells. By typing this into the resources search bar, Doddle will return a linked resource that you can work through with your child.


Searching by C14 returns any tests that specifically links to that statement. Searching by ‘cells’ returns a larger selection of resources. 

Each time a student engages with testing their knowledge, the more likely it is that they will be able to recall key information and make stronger connections between areas of knowledge. Your child's teacher will automatically receive an updated mark book if the quiz is linked to a particular statement and can also track how many times they attempted the quiz and how much progress they make each time allowing the member of staff to support their learning further within lessons as required. 

Other departments such as English are able to supply key materials to support students who are showing as red for particular areas of the curriculum at the end of each Doddle test taken in class. 

assessment at les quennevais school