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8 feb 2018

Two year 10 students from Miss Heseltine’s class were selected as part of the ‘Young Jersey Artists’ exhibition at the prestigious CCA Galllery. LQ work was the only year 10 work on display among Year 13 work and clearly held its own!


6 feb 2018

A busy day working on the interior layouts for the new school. The initial ideas will be discussed with student leaders very soon. It is going to be amazing!


4 feb 2018

@lesquennevaissc staff at Crabbe doing some weekend outdoor education training #lqsrespect #lqsambition #lqsresilience


31 jan 2018

A very entertaining game for Y9 rugby at home to @HauteValleePE, with the visitors winning 10-0. Well played both teams


25 jan 2018

Absolutely stunning. The Little Shop of Horrors has closed its doors and there are hugs, tears, laughter and smiles back stage. We are so thankful for our wonderful students, staff, parents and all the others involved who made it all possible. It truly was being our best through excellence and enjoyment! Enjoy the well deserved plaudits ....and a little rest this weekend.  We can't wait to do it all again next year...I wonder what it will be?


24 jan 2018

Another stunning performance from the Little Shop of Horrors cast and crew. A special shout out to the amazingly talented musicians in the pit. You Rock!


24 jan 2018

A brilliant effort from the Y9 rugby team v @VCJPE. Great game played in fantastic spirit (and awful conditions!). FT score 22-7 to VC.


23 jan 2018

Congratulations to the cast on an amazing first night! The result of outstanding commitment, hard work and team work. Enjoy a good sleep before you can do it all again! Bravo!


23 jan 2018

The cast are @JerOperaHouse receiving notes on last nights successful Dress Rehearsal! We can’t wait for opening night tonight.


21 jan 2018

Great to see four of our Year 7 Girls representing @JFALinkPDC


21 jan 2018

Little Shop of Horrors set is in and lighting now commences! Miss Milman and Miss Le Quesne can’t wait for you to see it.


19 jan 2018

The set is on its way to the Opera House. Rehearsals have been outstanding. Only a few tickets left before the shows next Tuesday, Weds and Thurs. Got yours yet? Book online now! We can't wait!


16 jan 2018

Brilliant to see 15 of our students attending the Level 1 Netball Umpires course this afternoon! Thank you to Ann Halliwell and Chrissy Bannerman from the JNA.


15 jan 2018

7 Attenborough's amazing life maps in pride of place on the Wall of Excellence #lqsambition


11 jan 2018

Some tough decisions being made about which of the fantastic courses to take at Y9 Options Evening. Outstanding advice and information provided by our staff to assist students and parents. #lqsambition


10 JAN 2018

Big thank you to @RodBryans for coming to judge the wonderful Year 7 Van Gogh Timeline homework. As you would expect, it was a tough call!


10 JAN 2018

Year 7 DT learning about structures by building spaghetti towers


10 JAN 2018

# lqsambition
Year 10 Photography students using the new studio light boxes for their Abstract Photography coursework


10 JAN 2018

Incredible performance of Little Shop of Horrors by @LesQuennevaisSc this morning. Coming to the @JerOperaHouse 23-25 January. #community


8 JAN 2018

Year 7 Van Gogh exhibition finally up. Some magnificent art and wonderful investigative work on display. What. A. Year. Group!


5 JAN 2018

Year 11 are doing a great job advising Year 9 about the subjects they can choose for Options. Parents and students join us next Thursday evening to talk to subject teachers and receive more information.


13 dec 2017

Thank you to Charlie McArdle from @BBCJersey for recording a cameo for Little Shop of Horrors. It was a great experience for some of our cast members. #SkidRowRadio #lqsambition


13 dec 2017

Sales at the Y10 Christmas Extravaganza are going well.....especially the food!


13 dec 2017

The sewing club has been busy this term making Christmas decorations and Christmas stockings. Stockings are £5 each and decorations are £1.50 each


11 dec 2017

During KS3 lunch on Wednesday. Support the Year 10 Business Ventures...


8 dec 2017

A great night of Rock and Roll Bingo and amazing performances from the cast of Little Shop of Horrors. Get you tickets now. They will sell out!


8 Dec 2017

Students and staff have fully embraced Christmas Jumper Day to support Save the Children. #lqsrespect


7 dec 2017

Well done Y11 Photographers. Mock done.


7 Dec 2017

Just some of our excellent Y11 Photography mock exam final outcomes. #lqsambition #lqsresilience


5 December 2017

Preparing the donations to go to Age Concern. Thank you to everyone who contributed. #lqsrespect


29 Nov 2017

Joint 4th Place to LQ Year 7 Boys in the 5-a-side Tournament. Congratulations to the 5-a-side winners @GrainvilleSch. Looking forward to the 7A tournament on Saturday.


29 Nov 2017

Year 10 working hard on their business ideas for the PSHE Enterprise Challenge morning #lqsambition


28 nov 2017

Year 7 girls football team finished 4th on their tournament this afternoon. Great spirit shown


25 nov 2017

Congratulations to the Y8A football team, winning the tournament at FB Field this morning. Outstanding performances from everyone!


23 nov 2017

The Year 10 On2wheels session today @JsyFire exploring their role in road traffic collisions... thanks to White Watch #lqsrespect


23 nov 2017

Year 7 hockey players showed great determination and resilience in their tournament this afternoon


22 nov 2017

Congratulations to our students who entered the French Eisteddfod and won 5 Gold, 4 Silver and won two categories including the French native speakers section. 🏆🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🏆 #lqsambition


21 nov 2017

The two LQ Dodgeball squads ready for action! Raising money for the British Heart Foundation.


21 nov 2017

FT 3-1!! LQ are Y11 cup champions!!


17 nov 2017

Thank you to Year 7 for collecting an amazing 37 Christmas Shoe Boxes. Our Year 7 Committee have worked incredibly hard. We hope there are lots of boys and girls smiling when they receive their gifts. #lqsrespect


16 nov 2017

Some fantastic new work on the wall of excellence from science, maths and English. #lqsambition #lqsresilience #lqsrespect


16 Nov 2017

Excellent performance from the Year 8 hockey team in their tournament this afternoon. Equal points with the team placed third #ambition


16 nov 2017

DT Club have been having fun making and testing different types of rocket. #lqsambition


15 nov 2017

Mr Lopez's year 9 class creating a word sculpture based on their research into the novelettes of Arthur Conan Doyle. #lqsambition


15 Nov 2017

Mrs Croke's DT Year 7 classes learning about smart materials. Using a blow torch to heat steel for key ring products. #lqsambition


15 nov 2017

A Year 7 Literacy Class enjoyed some quiet reading in our branch library today whilst discovering new authors and books to read. #lqsambition


14 nov 2017

Our super Year 7 Charity Committee have begun collecting some wonderful Christmas shoe boxes today. Deadline for Year 7 donations is Friday. #lqsrespect


4 nov 2017

Great 7B football tournament this morning. Well done LQ boys finishing in 2nd place with some great performances.


3 nov 2017

Putting the old pound coins to good use by investigating surface tension! #scienceclub #lqsambition


3 Nov 2017

Then graphing the data on the playground! #wobblybarcharts #scienceclub #lqsambition


2 nov 2017

Congratulations to ex Les Quennevais School student Josh on becoming an ambassador for the Jersey Youth Service. #alwaysquennevais


1 Nov 2017

Spaghetti and marshmallow megastructures! #scienceclub #lqsambition


30 oct 2017

Spooktacular cupcakes created in food club after school today!


28 oct 2017

It’s Saturday morning but that doesn’t stop LQ working hard. Effort grades to celebrate, wonderful year 7 art to display and year 11 revision master class all going on this morning

#lqsresilience #lqsambition #lqsrespect


20 oct 2017

Success for Les Quennevais in the island wide Genuine Jersey Food Skills for Life Competition #lqsambition


19 oct 2017

A happy team as the new Les Quennevais School Is approved!



18 oct 2017

Excellent effort by our mixed 9/10/11 Hockey team against Highgate this afternoon. First full 11-a-side game ever for the team #resilience


6 oct 2017

A great turn out for the Badminton Club this afternoon.


5 oct 2017

Great turn out at Year 7 football training tonight!


4 oct 2017

An energetic lunchtime concert from Brightline. Y7 , 8 and 9 loved it. Thank you!


1 oct 2017

First rehearsal for Little Shop! #4 months #lqsambition


29 Sep 2017

Year 9 learning to administer First Aid in PSHE. Fun with a serious and possibly life-saving purpose! #lqsrespect


28 sep 2017

Congratulations to 8Q who won the Best Form Attendance Award for the Summer term. #lqsresilience


28 Sep 2017

Outstanding focus and commitment in the Year 11 iGCSE exam masterclass this morning #lqsambition #lqsresilience 


26 Sep 2017

Well done to all of our Y11 Geographers who completed their GCSE fieldwork today. #lqsresilience #lqsambition


25 sep 2017

Congratulations to our 100% attenders from last year. The draw for £100 for 100% was made by Tracey De Gruchy the island EWO.


8 sep 2017

Mr Jones leading the before school staff training briefing this morning. #lqsambition