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As a school we were very pleased to hear that an agreement had been reached and that the remaining fields had been purchased to allow the contractors to maintain the excellent rate of progress made in building a new Les Quennevais  School over the summer. Having full ownership of all the land will mean that the programme that sets out to achieve the aim of the school moving into the new building in September 2020 can be realised. It has been very exciting to see the steel frame begin to rise out of the ground, following the less visible preparation work undertaken in advance. The scale of the project is really becoming apparent as the outline of the building is emerging.

Whilst these developments and works have been progressing on site, the school has continued to be fully involved in finalising the interior layouts and designs to meet our requirements to create a state of the art learning environment for our students and staff. Regular consultation of subject specialists on the teaching staff, with the design team members, ensures that any new teaching and learning developments are being considered. Recently the Science Superlab and design technology area layouts have been revised and we are now working with external experts to develop the information technology and audio visual requirements to meet the needs of the modern curriculum expectations.

At the start of the new academic year the latest layouts and plans were shared with students, parents and staff and a palpable buzz of excitement could be felt around the presentation area in the school day and at the school’s Open evening. The current Year 6 primary school students and parents were particularly awestruck by the facilities that will be available to them when they enter Year 8 in 2020. Staff have already started to discuss where their lessons might be based and how excited they are about the possibilities presented to further develop their practice and inspire our students as a result.

In November the first groups of students began to visit the site and we were very grateful to Rok Regal who hosted them and gave them a tour of the site followed by a very informative presentation on how the design and construction process works,  the use of mathematics in the process, and possible career opportunities in the industry. They are very keen to have as many students as possible visit and learn from the sessions on-site and with the team. ROk Regal have also kindly agreed to support art, design and photography competitions where winning students work will be displayed on the perimeter fence for the community to enjoy. Many more opportunities to involve students in the build process are already being discussed, including work experience for some older students and arranging visits for those who will be in the first Year 7 group to enter the building in 2020. We can’t wait to get into the building in 2020 but in the meantime recognise this is a great opportunity for students to learn from a real world project.

progress in pictures