support staff

Business and Facilities Manager

Administration Manager
Receptionist/Finance Assistant
Team Secretary
Team Secretary
Office Assistant

Data Protection Officer

ICT Network Manager

MIS/Attendance Administrator

Examinations/Closing the Gap Administrator

Education Welfare Officer

School Counsellor


Senior Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician
Technology Technician

School Assistant, Food Technology

Repographics/Lunchtime Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr A Richardson 

Mrs J Dautun
Mrs S Bore
Mrs L Marsh
Mrs S Hirst
Mrs M Fitzgerald 

Mrs R Stratford

Mr S Vibert

Mrs K Dunn 

Mrs M Letch 

Mrs M Berner 

Ms L Mallison 

Mr E Poole
Mr K Maguire 

Mrs T Laurent
Mrs M Olsen
Mr C Salmon 

Miss K Payn 

Mrs Y Simkiss

Mrs M Pickup