Admissions process

Les Quennevais school is an 11-16 School serving the Western parishes. Designed for 700 students, it currently has 716 on roll, the result of popularity with students and parents combined with significant population growth in the West of the island. Because it has more than its intended numbers the Education Department has set a cap on the number of students (155) which can be admitted to any year group. (This number may be increased to an absolute maximum of 168 to accommodate students within the catchment area.) The catchment area currently consists of the Parishes of St Ouen, St Mary, St Peter, St Brelade and southern St Lawrence. Because of the pressure on space the Education Department is unlikely to consider applications for places from outside the catchment area except in exceptional circumstances. If a place is requested for a child in a year group which already has 168 students a place may be allocated on a waiting list. The criteria for admission priority will apply - children within catchment area will receive priority, then those with siblings at the school. The Education Department will allocate a place at another secondary school if necessary.

The ultimate authority for admissions to Les Quennevais is the Education Department. In January all parents with children in Year 6 who have not accepted a place in a fee-paying school should receive a letter from the Department offering them a place at their catchment area secondary school.

Please follow the link below to view the Education Department's information on this process. Whether you are taking up a place at Les Quennevais or not we ask that you return your form as soon as possible.

all other admissions

Parents who wish to enrol their child at other times should contact The Planning and Projects Officer at the Department for Education Sports and Culture. If a space is available the Department officer will inform the school of the new student in catchment seeking a place. The School then makes contact with the prospective parent/carer to arrange a meeting.