An art education gives students an understanding of the world, and themselves, by looking at what’s been expressed by others before them. As a department, we want to nurture the artistic creativity and understanding in every student. We want our students to value the process of creating artwork themselves and the immense fulfilment this can bring. We want our students to develop an inquisitive approach to analysing art and its influence on our world.


From learning how to paint like a real artist in Year 7, being inspired by natural forms in Year 8 and in Year 9, analysing the challenging nature of portraiture and conceptual identity, the programme of study at Key Stage 3 gives every student the opportunity to think, work and develop the skills needed to be an artist. The quality of teaching and the breadth of the curriculum at Key Stage 3 enable all our students to thrive in the Fine Art and Photography GCSE courses at Key stage 4. The Art Department has built a long-standing reputation for excellence, with the vast majority of students achieving outstanding grades at GCSE level.

art key stage 3 curriculum overview


KS3 Curriculum

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Basic painting skills

Studying Van Gogh

First hand observation- natural forms

Art : Portraiture- studying the work of Natalie Foss

Photography : Introduction to the camera


Studying the work of Monet- comparing the work of Monet & Van Gogh

Written analsyis

Exploring different media- printing, collage and mixed media

Looking at the work of artists inspired by natural forms

Art : Portraits inspired by Natalie Foss

Photography : Using Photoshop and exploration of identity in photography


Painting from landscapes

Individual response to natural forms

Art and Photography: Identity- Individual response