Welcome to our website. I hope that you will find the information contained within it useful.

School days are precious. They are the foundations on which our future lives are built. A time when opinions are formed, passions awakened, friendships made and characters are shaped.

As a school it is vital that we give our students the best possible foundations for their future lives by ensuring that they will be happy and fulfilled, part of an engaging and successful learning environment where they will realise their potential, rise to the challenge and develop a lifelong love of learning.

The school ethos is a major strength. We have high expectations of behaviour and we are proud of the excellent relationships we forge with our students, parents and members of our community.

We place the students and their needs at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the deep levels of support and guidance we offer to our students and place equal emphasis on the importance of developing young people who have a clear sense of purpose and an active moral conscience. We expect our students to behave as responsible citizens who will make a positive difference in the society of today and of tomorrow.

It is vital to us that our students leave Les Quennevais School, fully equipped with the skills, the confidence and the qualifications they will need to succeed in an ever changing world. We want their time with us to be full of memorable experiences that they can happily reflect on and draw upon, for many years to come. That is what makes our job so challenging, and so rewarding, because as a school, we know we can make a difference.

Mrs Sarah Hague B.A (Hons), NPQH