Computing skills and computational thinking are terms that command the debate on the requirement of skills in the workplace. This is supported by the rising demand of computing specialists in our job market locally, and nationally.  Employers are looking to take staff on who have already developed computing skills for the betterment of their businesses. 

Computing is valued as a subject that helps develop the intellectual, personal and interpersonal skills of young people.  Computing and the use of digital devices is so much a part of the background of everyday life that it can get taken for granted by many.  At Les Quennevais School we realise Computing is a powerful focus for creative energy, and one which both stimulates and guides the imagination of the young persons creative mind.

KS3-4 Computing at Les Quennevais School aims to stimulate creativity, develop critical, logical and problem solving skills, and helps students understand how many differing digital technologies function. Computing has the power to transform students from simple consumers to digital creators in our ever evolving digital world.