year 7 baccalaureate

The purpose of the baccalaureate is for students to value and recognise every contribution they make in school in their first year at Les Quennevais School. It enables students to become far more aware of their own progress in individual subjects at school, recording their effort and homework grades throughout the year. 

To attain the baccalaureate qualification, students will need to set and achieve specific learning targets throughout the year, collate evidence of their termly achievements, work with and for the school for their 'Community Pledge' and provide a portfolio of excellent work which is signed of by their subject teachers. Students can aim for a pass or distinction grade depending on their level of evidence and consistency of effort throughout the year. 

Students receive a pin badge for their blazers at the end of the year if they achieve a pass or distinction for their baccalaureate award. This provides a formal recognition of a student's achievement as they make the transition into the expectations and demands of the key stage 3 curriculum.